Kent gallery is pleased to open the Fall Season with a new work by Muntadas. 

“Portraits” will be installed as a series of 10 photo-based images of public address and public personae.


For the past twenty-five years, Muntadas has focused on what he terms the “media landscape”.  In examining contemporary social, cultural and political issues, Muntadas utilizes video, photography, typography, sound and architectural installations.  “ Portraits” is derived from media sources which are then extracted and subsequently enlarged into monumental scale.  Pinpointing the gesture of public address, Muntadas portrays the microphone as a new symbol of power.


“Muntadas’ work is often based on the relationship

between public and private space and how each is

defined by its representation in the media…

Muntadas rejects a linear reading of the present and

proposes a history that is a combination of multiple events,

including memories of the past and visions of the future.”


Michael Tarantino

ArtForum, Feb. 1995


Concurrent with this exhibition, the Storefront for Art + Architecture will install City Museum? From September 14th through October 28.