Curated and Text Compilations by Douglas Walla


Expresses that limit between the domestic and the wild.  Dennis Adams, Hans Haacke, Richard Hamilton, Muntadas, Yoko Ono, George Washington and others.

"The selection of issues that should rank high on the agenda of concern for human welfare and rights is, naturally, a subjective matter. But there are a few choices that seem unavoidable, because they bear so directly on the prospects for decent survival. Among them are at least these three: nuclear war, environmental disaster, and the fact that the government of the world’s leading power is acting in ways that increase the likelihood of these catastrophes. It is important to stress the government, because the population, not surprisingly, does not agree. That brings up a fourth issue that should deeply concern Americans, and the world: the sharp divide between public opinion and public policy, one of the reasons for the fear, which cannot casually be put aside, that “the American ‘system’ as a whole is in real trouble—that it is heading in a direction that spells the end of its historic values (of) equality, liberty, and meaningful democracy.” - excerpt from Failed States by Noam Chomsky 2006


Kent Gallery, New York, 2008

60 pp. 20 color plates. Clothbound

ISBN: 978-1-878607-58-4