Troy Brauntuch

October 6 – November 8, 1988


Kent Fine Art is pleased to present an exhibition od recent works by Troy Brauntuch, his first exhibition in New York since 1985.

Brauntuch’s first show was in 1979 at The Kitchen. Subsequently he had several exhibitions at Metro Pictures and the Mary Boone Gallery. A graduate of CalArts in 1975, he has been included in numerous museum exhibitions, which have focused on the CalArts group including his contemporaries Matt Mullican, David Salle, Eric Fischl, and Jack Goldstein. The most recent was, “CalArts: Skeptical Belief(s),” organized by the Renaissance Society in Chicago and which travelled to the Newport Harbor Art Museum.

[In Brauntuch’s art] we find a seductive, unnerving balance of the seen and unseen. . . art that maintains an impartial balance while juggling a variety of voices and viewpoints, a dedicated aloofness while shuffling an array of styles; art that is committed to making no commitment, to being faithless, to taking many stands; art that keeps its audience on the fence, in between, at loose ends; art that asks us to place ourselves in the position of an arbiter who seeks no settlement, of a judge whose task is not to reach a verdict but to set the scales in motion, not to impose measures but, simply, to consider, to weigh. (Douglas Blau, “The Noun Effaced: Finish and the Unfinished Phrase.” 1985 catalogue essay.)

The opening is Wednesday evening, 5 October from 6 to 8 p.m.