Paul Laffoley: Building the Bauharoque

January 24 – March 7, 1998


Kent Gallery is pleased to present recent paintings and drawings by the Boston visionary, Paul Laffoley.  While shown and published previously by this gallery in 1989, this will be his first New York exhibition documenting his production of the 90’s.  Entitled “Building the Bauharoque.” the works exhibited are the result of the artist’s dreams, including astral projections, time travels, and utopian constructions.  Disciplines referenced include the nature of temporality derived from history, literature, architecture and some of the occult sciences such as parapsychology or theosophy.

Part I

The Time of The Light: the Bauharoque: 2000-2049 A.D.

The Clear Future

The Nature of Time-Space after the existence of the Time Machine: 2013 A.D. deals with the Time Machine, the talent of going back and forth in time.


Part II

The Time of The Dark: The Bauharoque: 2050-2099 A.D.

The Opaque Past

The Nature of Space-Time after the existence of the Space Machine (Perpetualmotion: 2063 A.D.) deals with The Space Machine, with higher and lower dimensions than the ones we usually exist in.


“The Bauharoque began at the turn of the second millennium A.D. and provided the world with a hundred years of the most exciting challenges and solutions the human race has ever known.  Nevertheless, one thing is for certain: the Bauharoque ended for all time the genre known as science fiction that had been popular during the Modernist period.

The Bauharoque began, not surprisingly, with a complete and literal rejection of the impotent cynicism of Post-Modernism.  It directed its initial volley straight at the very heart of what Post-Modernists considered their forte: fashions and fads, a concern for the nature of time, and a taste for historicism.  This happened in 1995 at the celebration of the hundredth anniversary of H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine, where someone demonstrated the first successful time machine as an object-device.