Alberto Giacometti: Dialogue in the Void

January 23 – February 27, 1999


Kent Gallery is pleased to present an intimate collection of drawings by Giacometti never before exhibited in this country.  While highly regarded for his sculpture, his unique and distinctive style in the medium of drawing also place him as one of the great draftsman of the Twentieth Century.  As a parallel to the French Existentialist literary movement of the period, his radical formal innovations were carried out with great philosophical as well as emotional concentration.

Exhibited here will be 15 drawings beginning with two very rare works dating from the mid-twenties, spanning predominately through the fifties, and ending with three works dated 1963.  The human figure and portrait heads are the predominate theme.             

Giacometti has been the subject of over 150 exhibitions dedicated solely to his work worldwide.  There have been 15 Giacometti Retrospectives, including most recently, the Musee des Beaux-Arts, Montreal, and the Frankfurter Kunsthalle.