Tesla’s Death Ray (1986-99)


Tesla’s Death Ray (1986-99)


Ink, collage on paper

14 1/2 x 12 in. 

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21 - This number is symbolized by the picture of the universe, and it is also called the crown of the mass.” It is a number of advancements, honours, elevation in life, and general success. It means the victory after a long fight, for “the crown of the Magi” is only gained after a long initiation and tests of determination. It is a fortunate number of promise if it appears in any connection with future events. 

By: Count Louis Hamon [1866-1936] known as “Cheiro”

1) The name Laffoley comes from and ancient street in the town of Chartres France.

2) The name derives from the French word for madness: folie, which was spelled Folye in the medieval period. La Folye was the designation of the people who were put on that street to live and intermarry only with themselves. 

3) For the most part these people where what you call today either autistic or catatonic (an extreme for of schizophrenia)

4) These people were soon discovered by medieval cathedral builders to be perfect models for gargoyles. They would stay put for hours and could be molded by hand into any grotesque shape including, the face, without resistance. 

5) What these people actually were doing was dreaming not the ordinary adult dreams we are familiar with but fetal dreams. 

6) Fetal dreams are what we now call the product of lucid dreaming- being aware that you are dreaming while dreaming.

7) Of course this means nothing to the fetus without the adult perspective as it means nothing to the autistic or catatonic person. 

8) I have the ability to lucid dream as did my father and grandfather

9) Nikola Tesla had this ability also to such an extreme that he was called trance-like or clairvoyant. He could see a new motor he had invented in a lucid dream, start it running, forget about and come back in two weeks and see where parts had worn out. But Tesla as his friend Arthur Matthews said was sent as a child from another galaxy to improve conditions on earth. This is the origin of the superman story.

10) Today Lu cid dreaming is used by systems thinkers to produce Gedankenexperiements that investigate the atom to the human brain etc.

11) In the 18th century my name was anglicized to Laffoley.   



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