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Trained as both an artist and a fashion designer, Judith Shea's earliest works in the 1970s explored minimalist interventions in clothing items, like the pant and jacket. On the eve of the opening of MoMA PS1's 40th anniversary show, FORTY, Judith explains how she came to find her way in the art world.

Judith Shea

2014 | Kent Fine Art | Jeanne Marie Wasilik

Drawn from the National Academy's extensive portrait collection, sculptor and National Academician Judith Shea has selected a group of women artists' portraits spanning from the late 19th century to today for "Her Own Style: An Artist's Eye with Judith Shea".
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Greater New York

2016 | Art Agenda | Andrew Stefan Weiner 


In Residence at Chesterwood

2013 | Sculpture Magazine | Christine Temin

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Ground Floor Memorial 

2013 | Public Art Dialogue | Judith Shea

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Judith Shea's Contemporary Kore

Summer 1990 | Artforum | Paula Marincola


Judith Shea

2014 | Brooklyn Rail | Robert Kushner 

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The Company She Keeps

2013 | BOMBlog | Jane Dickinson


Judith Shea: Characters on the Verge of Revelation

March 2005 | Sculpture Magazine | Martin Friedman


Judith Shea

1983 | Artforum | Lisa Liebmann


Breaking Out of Convention

2014 | Wall Street Journal | Peter Plagens

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Catching up by playing hooky: Bernini, Shea, Cage, and Picasso

2013 | A Year of Positive Thinking | Mira Schor


Judith Shea: Monument Statuary

1991 | Village Voice | Peter Schjeldahl