Leandro Erlich and Judy Werthein: Tourismo

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Leandro Erlich and Judy Werthein: Tourismo


This publication documents a project undertaken for the VII Bienal de la Habana in Cuba in November 2000.  The artists created a photographic setting of an unreachable Austrian Alps landscape which they transported from their Brooklyn studios to Cuba where it was installed at “La Cabaña”, a historical fortress dating back to the colonial period and which in later times was used for other purposes, such as the residence of Fulgencio Batista, a jail, and, after the 1959 revolution, the headquarters of the Comandancia, led by the Che Guevara.  The alpine backdrop was set up with artificial snow, skis, sleds and all other accompanying decorative items that helped create the magical illusion. Cubans residents were then invited to come and take their picture in front of the backdrop and thus completing the work of art. 


"We wished to compose an idea that would allow us to come

 into close contact with the people of Cuba.

 A project connected with the reality of the situation

rather than the mere manifestation of an artwork

 that was alien to the Cuban context. 

We would transport a meeting place in the form

 of a landscape,

a fantasized imaginary situation."


Text by the artists.

Kent Gallery, New York, 2001.

64 pp., 29 color plates, Clothbound

ISBN- 1-878607-99-5


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