Muntadas: On Translation: The Games

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Muntadas: On Translation: The Games

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Muntadas continues his critical analysis of the media and its effect on the relationship between private and public spaces in contemporary society. For the past fifteen years he has developed multimedia installations that employ deconstructive strategies to reveal the symbolic and political meaning encoded in media archetypes, constructions or architectural representations such as the art gallery, the board room, the stadium, the automobile and the home. In these works Muntadas analyzes power relationships, revealing and exposing the value systems that lie beneath them — developing an artistic practice as part of a much larger ongoing struggle against the forces of social apathy. He says that he is interested in “dichotomies of relationships, for example objective/ subjective, public/private, indoor/outdoor. These extremes provide me with a structure. They are like sets of stereotypes, but I am interested in what lies between the two extremes.”

Catalog published in conjunction with, On Translation: The Games, an exhibition by internationally recognized artist Muntadas, held at the Atlanta College of Art Gallery in association with the Centennial Olympic Games, in 1996. Features project notes by Muntadas, along with essays by ACA Gallery Director Christopher Scoates, Margaret Morse, Christopher Phillips, and Ronald Christ.


 Paperback, 9.9 x 7.9 in.

80 pages

30 color plates, 61 black-and-white reproductions

Published by Atlanta College of Art; First edition, July 2, 1996

ISBN: 1-881616-74-6